Help Comes from Across the Atlantic

By Laure Winants and Florence Koevoets - January 18, 2013

We are two students from Belgium and we are studying communications in Brussels, at IHECS (Institut des HautesEtudes des Communications Sociales).

For our third year of school we had to do a three-weekinternship and we decided to go to the United States to achieve it. During the year of 2009-2010 we had the occasion to live there as foreign exchange students. We have become familiar with the American way of life; therefore we thought it would be an amazing opportunity to appreciate a certain a way of working, different from Europe. It was quite difficult to find one and finally the Community Film Studio Santa Barbara opened its doors!

During these three weeks we’ve learned how to work together in a team to best promote a film. We’ve learned that the launching for the promotion of a movie is very essential, especially when you work in a non-profit organization. You don’t need to have a big budget and famous actors to make a good movie! What makes the movie visible is also what makes it incredible!

We arrived mid-September and we were immediately curious and highly motivated to learn the world of a small film industry. We worked with a team who handled the promotion of the movie The Bet. We were quickly integrated and every one of the staff treated us as professionals. We could feel being part of the project and it was rewarding.

We helped improving the website, making it more attractive and easier to read. We had learned the web data processing at university, which we wanted to leverage for the organization. As students, we think it is very important to apply what we learn together in the professional world.

We want to thank the Community Film Studio Santa Barbara for giving us the chance to work with a professional and enthusiastic team. This internship was beneficial for us and will definitely influence our professional career. It would be a pleasure to work with the organization again!

Merci, Laure et Florence - CFSSB